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. This is a children's book series that has 5 books of which 2 are currently published. The first is Colors of Love and the second is Callie's Wish.

. The storyline has been developed for ages of 1 to 10. People of all ages enjoy the adventures and are touched by the positive meaning from each one.

. All the stories are written in verse and have great rhyming assimilation values for children that are just learning how to read.

. We are exclusively distributed through Amazon. Any bulk or special orders will go directly through Amazon under thier guidlines of terms and conditions.

. If you are interested in an author / illustrator school presentation send in your request and the information will be emailed to you. We are currently scheduling three presentations a school year.

. The adventures are all written with positive reinforcement along with beautiful ilustrations that will inspire any reader every time they are opened up!

. Enjoy the Adventures!!!