Peter Thomas / Author-Creator

Peter Thomas is the author and creator of the Adventures of Billy Bee children's book series. Over the past 25 years he has refined the stories by doing school presentations and author workshops nationwide. He has been in front of hundreds of teachers and thousands of students all with the same overwhelming response which can be seen in the Teacher Testimonials.
In 1991 the idea for The Adventures of Billy Bee came to him while sitting in a coffee shop
and over the years he has developed the stories into the amazing adventures that are available today! We invite you to join us and see what all the excitement is about, but most of all see why children everywhere are saying:
"A Bizz, A Buzz, A Bezz, A Bam, I'm Billy Bee, I Am, I Am!
I Can Do Anything, I Know I Can, Cause I'm Billy Bee, I Am, I Am!

Now get ready for some great adventures!

As Peter spoke to the children about his books and his own life, I watched their faces light up. They seemed to feel there was hope for them to achieve some success also if they find and use their gifts as he did. If there were more people like Peter Thomas, the number of young people ruining their lives would diminish. He needs to tell his story, which resembles a "Good Will Hunting" scenario (Peter comes from Boston also)  Ursula Lyons / Teacher - Counselor / Reed Academy

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Teacher Testimonials

Peter Thomas has developed a message that all children need to hear and internalize. As administrators of primary aged public school children, we are careful about who interacts with our children because of the extreme trust they  have in adults and how easily they can be influenced. Peter Thomas is a superb model for the children. In a short period of time Peter has made us a believer in him. He is a good person who carries a strong and important message to the children through his stories.
William H. Estey . . . Principal / Fred C. Underhill School

As a teacher, I found your books to be very well rounded and educational. The lessons taught in these books can be used with any age and are everyday lessons. Thank you for writing such powerful stories with great lessons and illustrations. We can't wait to read about Billy Bee's next adventure.
Mrs. Christine Nagle. . . St. Michael School / North Andover

All of our children, Kindergarten through fifth grade and their parents, were enthralled with your reading of Billy Bee's Adventures! We are true Beeeeelievers!
George Paul . . . Principal / Louise Davy Trahan / Billerica, MA

Our children need people like you in today’s very difficult and challenging world to inspire and encourage them.  Your story Colors of love with Jillie & Billy Bee touched my heart and I think everyone in the world should read that story! It’s incredible!  I feel very lucky that my class was able to hear your presentation. Thank You, Thank You!
Lisa Steere, …  5th grade teacher  / Riddle Brook School
P.S. Yesterday, the day after your visit, I was bringing my kids to lunch.  A few kids started saying the “Billy Bee” motto.  Soon my whole class was walking through the hall chanting “I can do anything, I know I can, Cause I’m Billy Bee, I am, I am..” I wish you had been there!

The Billy Bee series focuses on self-esteem which is so very important when we speak about children. Your illustrations are bold and bright, capturing the imagination of every child. The rhyming of the words is so comforting and pleasurable, making listening easy. I hope we will enjoy another visit with you in the future. Thank you for sharing Billy Bee with us.
Mrs. O'Connor . . . Abraham Lincoln School / Revere, MA